The Second Coming

GENRE: Drama/Adventure/Sci-Fi
TYPE: Feature Screenplay*
LOGLINE: 100,000 years after humanity is wiped out by global conflicts, extraterrestrial-carried disease and natural disasters, eight humans from differing racial-ethnic backgrounds are biogenetically recreated by an unseen entity to repopulate a new, perfect Earth.
NO. PAGES: 105*


Following an untreatable and incurable global pandemic brought about by extraterrestrial contact combined with subsequent world wars and natural disasters, humankind has been wiped out.

High above the ground, a tic-tac shaped structure is embedded in the branches of twin giant sequoia trees. Inside, complex advanced technology comes alive. The bodies, minds and memories of eight humans from differing racial-ethnic backgrounds are recreated via a molecular-level 3D printing process. Nucleic acids, proteins, lipids, organelles, cytoplasm, skin tissue, nerves, arteries, bones, muscles and ligaments all combine to form perfect replications of the pre-alien pandemic beings.

Among them are DOLMA (22), a shy but compassionate Tibetan woman; SAGER (28), a mentally and physically strong man from Kuwait; FREYJA (26), a rational western-cultured Icelandic woman; REN (27), a conflicted and paranoid man from Japan; KARINGAL (24), a wise holistic healer female of Aboriginal decent from Australia; DAVID (29), a serious, to-the-point man from Israel; IFEOMA (25), a sensitive botanist Nigerian woman; and AARAV (26), a humorous, passive Hindu man from West Bengal, India.

Immediate distrust and uncertainty grip the group as they awaken and grapple with their unfathomable situation. Their only possession is a cloth garment they locate near their creation platforms. They discover they speak a common language, though each believe the others are speaking in their native tongues. The four men and four women can otherwise find no commonality among them.

Soon, an unseen entity speaks to them, informing them that 100,000 years have passed and the Earth has naturally healed itself, erasing all signs that humans ever existed. Vibrant flora and fauna thrive in an environment where there is no pollution and no disease; only peace and harmony among the birds, animals and fish that call Earth home.

The eight are further informed that their mission is to begin repopulating humankind onto the new Earth as a place of harmony, purity, and unity. A world where pollution and disease are nonexistent, where the differences of race and ethnicity are replaced over time by a single, peaceful human species coexisting in perfect balance with the Earth.

Bonds form slowly inside the tic-tac while the eight struggle to comprehend their supposed mission and discern who or what the unseen entity is that periodically provides “revelations”. Anxiety and conflict grows with each new revelation and the illogical uncertainty of their situation. Adding to the tension, they don’t know when or how they will be released to the new Earth.

The eight are forced to watch images of one another’s’ final day on the old Earth, where each plays out the inherent good and bad of what is taught is their most serious enemy: human nature. To compensate for their weakness resulting from learned reliance on technology and comforts in their previous life, they are each allowed to select one item from lists of things that will help the group, or things that will benefit the individual.

Rebellion is inevitable and bonds are broken. When the time arrives to venture onto new Earth’s soil, the final revelation of the eights’ true reality is made known.

*The Second Coming is also written as a 56-page TV Pilot, along with a multi-season series bible. Inquire directly with the writer.

“The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek.”

—Joseph Campbell

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”

—Leonardo da Vinci

“You’ll never feel so alive as the second right after you’ve been scared to death.”