Sebastian and the Invisible Island

GENRE: Animated Sci-Fi/Fantasy
TYPE: Feature Screenplay
LOGLINE: Washed ashore on an uncharted island, a young boy must outsmart feuding extraterrestrials who also yearn for home.
NO. PAGES: 103

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SEBASTIAN YOUNGFIELD (11), is sailing the world with his parents when their trip takes a dramatic turn in the South Pacific. A storm blows in hard and fast leaving Sebastian adrift at sea in a dinghy and his parents shipwrecked on a rocky isle.

Following days at sea, Sebastian awakens to a nip on his toe by a strange green pelican who alerts him to a nearby atoll. Sebastian then survives crossing a treacherous reef and finds himself on a small motu across a lagoon from a larger island. Additional encounters with green pelicans lead to Sebastian’s discovery that they are actually an alien species called “Dorrgroos”. Eons ago, the peaceful Dorrgroos were being chased by an evil alien species, the “Zeppendulars”, when both of their spacecrafts crashed into the atoll. The Dorrgroos’ craft, submerged below the motu, is down to its last remaining power. The Zeppendulars’ ship on the large island has finally been unearthed and will soon be ready to depart. Capturing the Zeppendulars’ spacecraft is the only hope for the Dorrgroos to return home.

As a means to sustain nourishment over the years, the Dorrgroos have shape-shifted into several other creatures encountered on the motu: a prehistoric amphibious Ichthyosaur; a Polynesian warrior; a coconut crab; a sea turtle; and a marooned female aviator, AMELIA (39). Sebastian and his hosts take creative steps to communicate, eventually reanimating Amelia whose strong and adventurous personality proves ideally suited for planning an epic battle that can get both Sebastian and the Dorrgroos on a course for home. Or end all life on the atoll, including Sebastian’s.

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Sebastian and the Invisible Island – The Book

GENRE: Adventure/Sci-Fi/Fantasy
TYPE: Novella

ORIGINAL IP: The “Sebastian and the Invisible Island” screenplay was adapted from the middle grade novella of the same name; also written by Michael W. Hogan. That book, now in its 2nd Edition, is available at and other booksellers.

“Sci-fi/fantasy meets unexpected adventure in this book about a young boy lost at sea, landing on a magical atoll; and cleverly surviving encounters with feuding extraterrestrials!

Sebastian and the Invisible Island combines the fun, raw innocence and splendor of old classic tales of the sea with highly imaginative contemporary themes!

In this story, one young boy, two species of feuding and shape-shifting extraterrestrials, a cantankerous long-lost female aviator, a prehistoric amphibious Ichthyosaur, and a Polynesian warrior are all stuck on an uncharted atoll that’s been cloaked in invisibility.

What could possibly go wrong?

Find out and join in on the tropical island adventure that is sure to captivate today’s young readers!”




“The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek.”

—Joseph Campbell

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”

—Leonardo da Vinci

“You’ll never feel so alive as the second right after you’ve been scared to death.”