Room Service

GENRE: Horror
TYPE: Short Film
LOGLINE: A room service delivery includes a surprise answer to the question, “What’s for dinner?”.


Delivering a room service order, a busboy encounters an open door and the sound of a shower running. A woman’s voice beckons him into the suite where he discovers her waiting at the shower door. Only after he confirms the contents of his cart to her is the true main course revealed.

2nd PLACE - Spooky Movie DC International Film Festival Screenplay Awards
SEMI-FINALIST - Bare Bones Intl Film Festival Screenplay Competition
SEMI-FINALIST - Gimme Credit VIII Screenplay Competition
SEMI-FINALIST - Las Vegas Short Script Awards
SEMI-FINALIST - Vail Film Festival Screenplay Competition
OFFICIAL SELECTION - SoCal Independent Film Festival
OFFICIAL SELECTION - Radar Hamburg Film Festival
OFFICIAL SELECTION - ShockerFest International Film Festival
OFFICIAL SELECTION - Love Your Shorts Film Festival
OFFICIAL SELECTION - Indie Fest USA Film Festival
OFFICIAL SELECTION - Cinema City International Film Festival Screenplay Competition
OFFICIAL SELECTION - Bare Bones International Film Festival