Breaking & Entering

GENRE: Drama
TYPE: Short Screenplay
LOGLINE: Breaking into a pub after hours, an alcoholic nymphomaniac instead finds herself in a morgue where she discovers the dead body of her lost love and the resolve to end her own life on her terms.


CORRINE (29), a down-on-her-luck alcoholic who also suffers from hypersexuality, is desperate for a drink and attempts to break into a familiar pub during the wee hours one morning.

In the darkness of a back alley, Corrine mistakenly enters the wrong establishment and finds herself locked in a morgue with a dead body covered by a sheet. She eventually gets up the nerve to pull the sheet away, only to discover DILLON (30’s), her one-time boyfriend and the only man she ever truly loved.

Confined with Dillon’s body, Corrine travels through the past in a one-way conversation, re-examining the causes of their break-up and all things wrong; and reliving one thing that was always right.

Through her own words, Corrine assesses her life and summons the courage to face the inevitable on her terms.

WINNER - Madras Independent Film Festival - 2020
WINNER - Royal Wolf Film Awards - 2020
WINNER - Festigious Los Angeles - Monthly Film Competition - 2020
WINNER - SHORT SCREENPLAY - Los Angeles Film Awards - 2020
FINALIST - New York Movie Awards - Monthly Festival - 2020
FINALIST - Hollywood Just4Shorts Film and Screenplay Competition - 2020
TOP 6 SEMI-FINALIST - Vegas Movie Awards - 2020
QUARTER-FINALIST - Chicago Screenplay Awards - 2020
OFFICIAL SELECTION - Hollywood Dreams 4th Annual International Film Festival and Writers Competition - 2020
OFFICIAL SELECTION - Hitchcock Film Awards - 2020
OFFICIAL SELECTION - Filmmatic Drama Screenplay Awards - 2020
OFFICIAL SELECTION - Venice Shorts - 2020
OFFICIAL SELECTION - Indie Short Fest - 2020
HONORABLE MENTION - Independent Shorts Awards - 2020