The More You Know, the Less You Speculate

For independent producers and those inside production companies and studios, risk aversion is often THE driving business mandate. However, producing more versions of “Rocky” than there have been Super Bowls results in many worthy and commercially viable spec scripts being overlooked.

That leaves spec writers—like me—swimming upstream just to get my work read. And that’s why a primary objective of this website is to reduce or eliminate knee-jerk concerns that may keep my screenplays from getting into the right hands.

So, for the casual visitor, thanks for checking out my website. For producers, executives, financiers, etc., please scroll below as the information is specifically for you.


I began screenwriting in 2005, with feature and short scripts winning or achieving finalist status in numerous competitions. I’ve also produced and directed award-winning films based on some of my short screenplays. Prior to jumping into the film industry, I wrote award-winning advertising/marketing copy while owning or managing global agencies. Additionally, I’ve been a serial entrepreneur my entire adult life, which provides me with a better understanding of the business side of filmmaking.


I must admit, it took me a while to “get” this. Early on over my first few feature scripts, I allowed myself to wander from genre to genre depending on my many varied story ideas. Something finally clicked not too long ago and—while I still combine genres (e.g., horror/comedy or comedy/sci-fi)—I’ve now settled into a place that delivers continuity of voice. That’s especially evident in my latest feature script, “Benny B” and the next two screenplays that will be ready for industry eyeballs in early 2020.

Technical Skills

Proper structure, format and character development can be learned by anyone. That said, the following recent comments from script consultants serve to validate my skillset:

          “This is really solid. It’s clear you have good command of craft – nice scenes, fun dialogue, and really intriguing characters.”

          “This is some very strong writing and character building in this script.”

          “This script is super tight. Your vision for it and grasp of the characters are super tight.”

          “You have the structure and characters down.”


I’ve been described as possessing the pragmatism and wisdom that can only be earned from many often-difficult life experiences; combined with the inquisitive nature and playfulness of a pre-pubescent boy. Tiring of hearing this, I told my mother to stop saying those things about me.

Seriously, filmmaking is an intensely collaborative endeavor and it helps to like—and, ideally, have synergy with—the people you’re working with. I do like to laugh and have fun; and I’ve been known to pull a prank or two now and then. But I also know how to get down to business and get things done. I’m very productive and will meet or beat deadlines 99.99999% of the time. Last thing to know…you may find me ten minutes early for a meeting, but rarely one minute late.

Try me.