Finding Respite from the Rough Seas

As I write this, the world is facing dangerous, scary and uncertain times. Death tolls rise from a virus, millions have lost their jobs, and the freedoms most of us have taken for granted our entire lives are chiseled—hopefully temporarily—away.

I get out of bed in the morning asking myself, “Is this really a good time to be writing a comedy script, or even horror for that matter?”

My answer, so far, has been a firm, “Yes.”

I don’t trivialize the pain and tragedies that others are bearing. However, the reality is that I have always written so that others can escape whatever their life circumstances are and enter a story that provokes laughter, adventure, thrills or chills. In times such as these, an avenue for even fleeting escape, I believe, is more important than ever.

So, I’ll continue to write which, I will admit, is an authentic way for me to escape, as well.

Stay safe, stay healthy, stay sane.