The Ritz Brotherhood

logoritzLogline:  A group of billionaire buddies prove that money—whether old or new—will almost always buy trouble and rarely brings happiness.

Synopsis:  By most accounts, Freddie Glamm lives a blessed life.  His restaurant, “The Ritz” is thriving thanks to the steady flow of the rich and famous who seek out his establishment for its world-class cuisine, fine wines and privacy.  Unfortunately, several of his “regulars”—billionaires who seemingly can purchase anything but happiness—continually drag him into their personal affairs and seek his sometimes reluctant assistance to get them out of trouble.

The lives of these obscenely rich men intertwine via many common threads: money, super yachts, private jets, booze, sex, failed relationships, and an affinity for The Ritz.  The resulting “brotherhood” offers an entertaining and often humorous confirmation that money can buy a lot of things; but rarely happiness.

Status:  The Ritz Brotherhood is a completed 1-hour television screenplay.  Production companies or financiers interested in obtaining a copy of the screenplay may contact me directly.