The Gold Nugget

poster_goldnuggetGenre: Horror

Written, Directed and Produced By: Michael William Hogan

Logline: Evil lurks in the form of a very large gold nugget that makes its way through time hanging around the necks of unfortunate and unsuspecting victims.

Synopsis: Out checking his traps on a cold winter day, Caleb—an 1800’s homesteader—discovers the body of a prospector frozen in the ice alongside a river. Sent back by his wife to recover the body for a proper burial, Caleb finds a large gold nugget strung around the neck of the corpse. He claims the nugget as his own, awakening a curse that will bring a visitor to his tiny log cabin later that night.

Fast-forward to present day when a mountain rancher accompanies his family on a springtime horseback ride along that same river. Two semi-frozen bodies are discovered, leading to a new claim on the nugget, and new victims for its curse.